Poster Template

Conference Poster Print Guidelines

Please submit your poster proposal as an email attachment to no later than January 25, 2020. The proposal must be submitted in English, as the poster presentation will be held in English.
Early Registration Deadline: Until January 24, 2020
Late Registration Deadline: From January 25-31, 2020
We strongly recommend you use our poster template, it can be downloaded as a PPT file at the bottom of this page.
Tips when preparing your poster:
Provide the full title of your abstract (at least 2 inches/5 cm high – it is usually the first, if not only, thing an attendee will read) as well as a list of all authors and affiliations. Use this information as a headline in your work.
Any text should include the structure elements used in your submission (background, hypothesis, results and conclusions) – this should be detailed, and in an expanded form.
Provide a clear “take-home message”, which highlights the main findings of your poster; highlight this “take-home message” in the poster in a warm color. It should also be located at eye-level. Your poster should be able to be read at a distance. Use color wisely to provide contrast for each section of your poster. Try to avoid big tables (as they are generally hard to read from a distance) and present as much data in graphs as possible. Ensure the flow of your poster is logical.
Include a sentence about potential “conflicts of interests” in the poster.
Remember that hundreds of posters and presentations will be made available to the attendees. Highlight in your poster the question raised and how you answered this. It will help attract people passing by.

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